Black Spruce Tours

Black Spruce Tours
R.R.#4 Annapolis Royal,
Nova Scotia, B0S1A0
Location - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,Quebec,Newfoundland & Labrador
Type of tour - Adventure,sightseeing,eco tours
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For the past 20 years we have been traveling to Labrador and showing people like yourselves this part of our Canadian northland and a truly unforgettable experience. We have learned that to enjoy this adventure you must have great itineraries, expert leadership, attention to service, and above all you must have fun.

The Canadian north in itself is awe inspiring in its rugged beauty and sheer magnitude and, combined with this we bring together a blend of modern sightseeing and interaction with the local people. We also include a good amount of natural exploring and hiking to make this a truly memorable trip.

We provide an expert tour guide with each of our trips who has at least 5 years experience in the area. We also assist in all camping activities whenever required on any trip.

We pride ourselves on our service,experienced staff and general knowledge of our area, and our programs are geared to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable trip