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Grizzly Bear Tours
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Grizzly Bear & Wildlfe Watching

  • Grizzly Bear & Wildlfe Watching
Experience the thrill of a lifetime watching grizzly bears catch salmon on the spawning channels of a BC coastal stream. These coastal grizzlies, also called brown or Kodiak bears in Alaska, are up to 400 lbs heavier than their interior relatives because of the abundant salmon. Fall is when the bears need to pile on fat for hibernation. Grizzlies congregate on the river estuary then move upstream as the fish spread throughout the river system. They may catch 15 fish in an hour. Bald eagles are everywhere feeding on fish scraps.

We view the bears in safety from elevated viewing stands. Your guides are professional biologists and have the most experience with the grizzly bears in this area. We know their habits and personalities. Every bear has its own preferred fishing technique. Some like to stand in a riffle and pounce when an unsuspecting salmon goes by. Other bears run around trying to corner salmon against the bank, or they might stand on a log and then jump into the water trying to stun the fish into submission. Other bears use less energy, they snorkel along at a leisurely pace, snatching up remains of fish that other bears have partly eaten. As you watch the grizzlies fish, wrestle and frolic your guide will interpret their behavior. Bring lots of film. There's lots of action.

Tide Rip Tours offers the only day trips by water taxi from Telegraph Cove, the whale watching center on Vancouver Island, to see the grizzlies in the land of the Da'Naxda'xw First Nations people in Knight Inlet. We have BC Wildlife Branch tenured access to the Glendale Spawning Channel bear viewing area. Enjoy a great lunch on the boat amidst the splendor of Knight Inlet.