Tuckamor Trips Inc.

Tuckamor Trips Inc.
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Tuckamor Trips Inc. was established by Bill Pollock, a retired forest engineer. Bill spent over 40 years travelling and working in Canada 's northern wilderness, and believes people of all ages and abilities can benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Tuckamor Trips specializes in taking small groups of people on multi-day canoe, hiking and cross-country ski trips in Bill's favourite and most beautiful wilderness environments in a safe and friendly way.

Bill also consults with the Cree and Inuit peoples of Nunavik in Northern Quebec to develop tourism products. Occasionally, such exploratory trips are offered at reduced prices.

Tuckamor Trips offers scheduled trips for each season. By clicking on the icons to the right you will discover Bill Pollock's favourite Canadian wilderness trips and perhaps a few special adventures in Nunavik.

Special private trips can be arranged for your family or group for your dates.